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Hear that? All Obama wants is a “simple up or down vote”

Well, that shouldn’t be so hard, should it? Today Obama at his weekly address tore into Republicans, accusing them of “obstructionism”; Obama unleashed a torrent of criticism against the Republicans – accusing them of blocking votes on bills that would save jobs for teachers, lift a $75 million liability cap for oil leaks like the […] Continue reading

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Cook County, Illinois Backs Down From Forced Red Light Camera Plan

By The Expired Meter Cook County, Illinois gives up on plan to force traffic cameras on unwilling suburbs. Cook County, Illinois board members voted 9-4 on Tuesday to give municipalities the option to say no to red light cameras in their towns. The boa… Continue reading

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What took Obama so long to get serious about the spill?

Let’s find out, shall we? Another good question is what took the GOP so long to get serious about cranking out some good videos? Could have a contest…something… Now back to Obama and the weird priorities highlighted in the video. When he does get involved, it’s only to demonize and muck things up anyway, so […] Continue reading

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Truth revealed re: Palin endorsement of Mary Fallin

Below is a response to the recent weird endorsement by Sarah Palin of Congresswoman Mary Fallin, a 2010 Republican candidate for Oklahoma governor.  Fallin’s elitist leanings and bailout vote is well known in Oklahoma, as well as her recent marriage to a D.C. Democrat.   Fallin, with almost $750,000 in campaign contributions,  is a corporatist, not a Tea […] Continue reading

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Governor Jan Brewer finds out Feds will sue Arizona – on the Evening News?

Another crock of ***t from this Administration Yeah, technically Brewer heard about it from Hillary, but now it’s confirmed. From Hot Air, CBS News now says Obama will challenge SB-1070; As Hotsheet reported yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a television interview in Ecuador this month that the Obama Justice Department “will be […] Continue reading

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Awesome message from an “Old” Patriot

Talking about the “greatest generation”, one of its younger members has a message for us; I stand before you this morning as a 70 year old man with emphysema. 50 years ago I was serving in the U. S, Navy. Thirty years ago I was an area campaign manager for Ronald Reagan. Two years ago, […] Continue reading

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Oklahoma: RJ Harris kicks off Valley Forge Money Bomb June 19th

Oklahoma: RJ Harris kicks of Valley Forge Money Bomb June 19th
Valley Forge Money Bomb – Midnight (CST) Kickoff

Phone, In-Person, and Mail-In Donations will be Counted Continue reading

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