Governor Johnson Event Making News – Last Call For Registrations!

Click to read the Sante Fe News Blaze Johnson Story

This weekend’s upcoming visit to Nebraska by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is making some headlines in his home state. The Sante Fe News Blade ran a piece as a top story on their website on Monday. Just click the picture to read the article.

The visit and invite may be generating some press in Nebraska in the next few days; NERLC and GiN have issued a joint release (pictured and linked to, below).

At least one media appearance has been scheduled here in Nebraska. KFAB’s (1110 AM, Omaha) Scott Vorhees’ will be interviewing the Governor on his show. I’ll post the day and time when I receive the information from the Governor’s scheduler.

In the meantime, if you haven’t as of yet registered for the event, we’re at a deadline for the reception portion of the evening (the caterer needs a headcount). If you ARE interested in attending the reception, PLEASE register by 9pm this evening.

To review the evening’s schedule in detail, click HERE. The reception starts at 5:30pm, program starts at 7:00pm. If you can’t make the reception, there is an option to attend the program only portion at a reduced cost. Please use THIS contact form to let us know if cost is an issue as there are a small number of tickets still available, paid for some nice folks who wanted to help out.

For those not on the Grassroots in Nebraska or Nebraska Campaign for Liberty email list, you may not have received the message from Laura. I’ve included a few highlights here:

“[Johnson] is also mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2012…That said, he’s coming to town as part of the Our America Initiative…

Some of Governor Johnson’s views–on illegal immigration, or on drug legalization, for instance–might be contrary to what some of us intuitively believe–but if you listen to his views with an open mind, you may come away with a bit different perspective.  And if you don’t, Governor Johnson seems like the type who will be more than happy to discuss differences with others in a very civil way.

Press release:


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