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The West Is Losing the War

We have been discussing the EU fairly regularly and also the Afghan war. These are two critical elite promotions and they are both failing. We discuss the EU in the other article in today's Bell. Here we once again ponder the war in light of recent… Continue reading

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Eurozone Still Failing

The Daily Bell analyzes the dominant social themes of the power elite, and one of the most important fear-based promotions has been the inevitability of monetary union – expansive, global and ongoing. Thus, we have watched bemusedly as the EU brain-tru… Continue reading

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7 Oklahoma Legislators Just Say No

Rep. Jason Murphy sparks a trend. Now would be an excellent time to encourage  all of our representatives to follow suit! Contact info; Rep. Murphy writes; A few weeks ago I wrote an update regarding the effort to ask the Oklahoma Ethics Commission to… Continue reading

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