Who’s REALLY behind the Flotilla? It’s who you thought…

If you thought “Jihadist extremists”, that is

As this video (translated by Memri.org) shows,

As one Egyptian expert on International Law notes with sympathy to terrorists;

“The Palestinians can take over Israeli ships at sea and take the people on board hostage, and this would not be considered a crime of international terrorism. Rather, this would be legitimate defense, as part of their struggle for independence and freedom, according to the same convention. The convention distinguishes between the two cases, and says that this is a heroic operation, and that fighters against forces of occupation and colonialism are entitled to carry out such an operation. The occupation and colonialist forces, however, are not allowed to commit such a crime, and they would face international prosecution.

In other words, it’s still “OK to kidnap and/or kill Jews”, but not OK for those same Jews to defend their homeland or families.


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