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An Overview of State Campaigns, 2007-2008

    An Overview of State Campaigns, 2007-2008 By Denise Roth Barber NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON MONEY IN STATE POLITICS April 06, 2010 This publication was made possible by grants from: Ford Foundation to Promote Open Society The Pew Charitable Trusts Rockefeller Brothers Fund Sunlight Foundation TABLE OF CONTENTS A Birds-Eye View of State Campaigns in 2007 and 2008 […] Continue reading

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Remember why

This Memorial Day as you spend time with your family and friends, take time to remember why we have this day of remembrance. It is not simply so we can have a bbq, go to the lake, or enjoy a long weekend to start off the summer. It is a day to show app… Continue reading

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Aliens, the Next Fear-Based Meme?

At this point, we would put nothing past the power elite when it comes to fear-based promotions. The global warming promotion was amazingly audacious, and we have no illusion that the elite has ceased to flog it. While we haven't dealt with it spec… Continue reading

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EU Spins Out of Control

What a mess. As can be seen by the article excerpt above, the European Union threatens to come apart at the seams. The debt "contagion" is obviously not stopping, nor can it, given the monstrous overhang that is now being presented to world m… Continue reading

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Rights May Never Be In Conflict

If rights were no more that fancy ways of expressing preferences – in short, if morality and politics could only produce emotional expressions-there would be no doubt about the possibility of conflict between rights. Those who embrace the emotivi… Continue reading

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Parents serve jail time with children for truancy

TEMPLE – A mother and daughter were booked into Bell County Jail on Tuesday, one of many cases of parents serving time with their children for contempt of court after truancy. Melissa Diane Mayo and Ashley Mayo are just the latest in a series of people behind bars for missing class. The Temple Independent School […] Continue reading

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