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Real Ammunition to Take Out the Revenue Enhancement Cameras!

  Meet-   Chad Dornsife, Executive Director Best Highway Safety Practices Institute cdornsife@bhspi.org The Best Highway Safety Practices Institute   See Chad Dornsife’s excellent Power point presentation from 2002 that explains step by step how our transportation safety practices have been transformed to accommodate new, profit driven methods of enforcement. Red Light Camera history, law […] Continue reading

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FIRE Coalition features OK Rep. Charles Key on June 4th

On Friday, June 4, 2010, the FIRE Coalition, working with our partners at the Patriot Coalition and November Patriots, will hold our first National Security Conference of 2010 in the old Kansas Supreme Court Chambers in the Kansas State Capitol Building, in Topeka, Kansas. Whether it is amnesty for illegal aliens, the nearly 10% unemployment rate, or the rising instances of drug cartel and gang crime along our southern border, our elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels need to work together for the American People. On Saturday, June 19th, we will hold our second national security conference of 2010 in Hamilton, Ohio. Continue reading

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield on the Autism/Vaccine Controversy and His Ongoing Professional Persecution

The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath, an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School (part of the University of Lond… Continue reading

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And we thought the Scameras were bad! IBM Patent to Stop Car Engines Remotely

Once they have their foot in the door, tagging, tracking and monitoring us, why not? Ax IBM patent goes Big Brother Running red lights and failure to stop leads to untold numbers of traffic accidents around the world. Sitting at a red light with cars idling also burns fuel that really isn’t needed. IBM has […] Continue reading

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Adam Kokesh for US Congress

District 3 New Mexico http://www.kokeshforcongress.com Want to Help Adam Kokesh win? Phone Banking: http://www.CallforKokesh.com Up for a Road Trip to NM? From now until June 1 (NM Primary Day) The Kokesh for Congress Campaign would appreciate some extra friendly faces to help them with the final push. For more info call 505-470-1917 Adam Kokesh’s Principles […] Continue reading

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