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Rumors fly on US Army alert level in Korea; DEFCON 1,2,3,4!!1!

We aren’t there…yet Every couple minutes I see an “URGENT: US ARMY IN KOREA AT DEFCON 2!” scroll by, so I checked; By Jung Sung-ki [Yes it’s from 2009, but it explains what goes on] Staff Reporter The South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command (CFC) has upgraded its surveillance level on North Korea, Thursday, following the […] Continue reading

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Texas to get another piece of California

In addition to all the jobs ejecting from the former Golden State I’m now one step closer to having Heaven in Texas; IRVINE, Calif. (May 27, 2010) In-N-Out Burger is expanding the chain to Texas for the first time, the furthest East the California-based brand has grown, officials confirmed Thursday. The 240-unit chain is primarily […] Continue reading

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SEC to Rule All Trades All the Time

So it has come to this. In America, anyway, and surely in Europe too, regulatory authorities wish to be empowered to look at every click, every number, every trading strategy of ANYONE in order to detect fraud and make sure that markets are fair, open … Continue reading

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Euro Crisis to Set One World Currency?

As the money crisis seems to grow worse in Europe, we have begun to wonder if there are parallels to the 1907 financial panic in the United States that gave rise to the Federal Reserve. The dominant social theme way back then (assuming an active po… Continue reading

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Are Kids Altruists?

I will not address whether babies have a sense of right versus wrong, only the way this matter was reportedly tested by the researchers who investigated it. Paul Bloom and his wife, Karen Wynn, of the Infant Cognitive Center at Yale University, conducted studies with babies and reached the conclusion that, indeed, babies have a moral sense. One piece of evidence supporting their conclusion was that babies tended to show a preference for people who were nice to other people and didn't much like

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TIME: Do Ron and Rand hold the key to 2012?

Check out excerpts from TIME magazine’s new profile on Ron and Rand Paul:
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Commander, United States Navy, Departing: Remembering Memorial Day 2009

“Memorial Day will forever mean something different to me“   From Skip Rohde; Memorial Day in Baghdad is not like it is in the States.  Okay, so we got a full day off.  Our little group was sitting around dinner in the DFAC last night discussing what our options were.  Go to the beach?  Nah […] Continue reading

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