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Oath to Oklahoma

Today we released the Oath to Oklahoma, which is a list of pledges that Nathan Dahm will work for as he serves the people of Oklahoma’s 1st District as their Representative in Washington D.C. For a full list of the pledges, as well as a pdf that can be… Continue reading

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Again, NYT pushes ideology over the lives of our troops

From the “Ain’t this a bitch” file I don’t honestly know who involved in this is the worse douchebag, the New York Times for publishing this, or the leftist hack in the administration who leaked it. WASHINGTON — The top American commander in the Middle East has ordered a broad expansion of clandestine military activity […] Continue reading

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Who Is Free to Discriminate?

Everyone who is awake discriminates – it is what people do with their minds, it's the way they know the world, more or less well. The kind of discrimination that's objectionable is when people use irrelevant attributes of others to classi… Continue reading

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US Wavers on Afghan War?

Those focused on protecting and building their investments, should follow the manipulations of the power elite and their themes closely in an attempt to figure out what may occur next. There is no surety in terms of a correct interpretation, but by tra… Continue reading

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Copycat Republicans Seek Answers

We are more apt to consider these twin initiatives to be promotions rather than serious efforts to address serious Western dilemmas. Yet even their existence, no matter the outcome, indicates that the elites are well aware of the rising level of discon… Continue reading

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Congress Blocks FCC Push to Regulate the Internet

A somewhat unexpected development on the net neutrality front:
From CNET:

The Federal Communications Commission’s plan to impose Net neutrality regulations just became much more difficult to pull off.
A bipartisan group of politicians on Monday told F… Continue reading

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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Passed TABOR?

Brogdon says spending limit needed to control growth of government
For Immediate ReleaseContact: Randy Brogdon 633-5789 Continue reading

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