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UN Swaps One Fear for Another

The difficulty with attempting to decipher elite memes and actions in the era of the Internet is that as the workability of fear-based memes has decreased, the level of uncertainty regarding elite actions – and their effectiveness – has act… Continue reading

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Dealing With Racists in a Free Market

Finally, the Rand Paul furor, we have an issue in politics worthy of sustained, serious attention – How should people who act badly be dealt with? More particularly how should people who discriminate based on irrelevancies such as race, sex, nati… Continue reading

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Traditional American Values Are Dead and Buried?

Working closely together, we Bell staffers have developed a most un-libertarian, hive-like mentality. These days, buzzing in our bee-brains are recollections, often, of the compelling Claudius books by Robert Graves. What comes to mind, however, is not… Continue reading

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The Oklahoma License Plate Barcode Mystery Solved!

According to “The McCarville Report” New License Plate Part Of ‘Spy Cam’ Plan May 23, 2010 Governor Henry’s plan to install more than 200 highway “spy” cameras to record vehicle license plates has been flying below the radar in state government for more than a year and despite a few news stories about it, the […] Continue reading

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