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Nothing to Hide? US Forest Service admits putting surveillance cameras on public lands

Charleston man surprised when he found one while camping with daughter Last month, Herman Jacob took his daughter and her friend camping in the Francis Marion National Forest. While poking around for some firewood, Jacob noticed a wire. He pulled on it and followed it to a video camera and antenna. The camera didn’t have […] Continue reading

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German Anger Rises Against Afghan War

We have identified two of the power elite's most fragile current themes as the EU and the war in Afghanistan. The break-up of the EU (or at least the foundering of the euro) is increasingly a viable possibility from our point of view. The o… Continue reading

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US War Crowd Losing Steam?

We try analyze the elite's dominant social themes here at the Bell; but it has occurred to that when it comes to the victory of Rand Paul in Kentucky, we would tend to believe the elite doesn't know how to spin it. Rand Paul is an anti-foreign … Continue reading

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Rallying Behind Rand

My interview on RT with Priya Sridhar about Rand Paul’s spectacular victory in the Kentucky Primary:
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87% Say English Should Be the Official Language of the United States

Editors Note:    The following report appeared in the May 11, 2010 edition of Rasmussen Reports.   We are sure that you will be heartened by the following poll results which clearly show that the overwhelming majority of the American people are w… Continue reading

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Critical Vote on the Fed Possible Today

UPDATE: Reid LOSES by three votes
(thanks to @andylevy)
From John Tate of the Campaign for Liberty:
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Beyond Naked-New scanners go deeper

Wired Reports; The “underpants bomber” has renewed calls for new and more invasive security measures. Already, there’s a push to install scanners that show travelers’ naked bodies through clothing, using either millimeter wave or backscatter X-ray imaging. But even those scanners might not have caught the terrorist who nearly brought down Northwest flight 253. That’s […] Continue reading

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We have Come to Take Our Government Back!!

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