Gag me with a spoon – UN gives advice to AZ now

It is really time to get the UN out of the US.  I mean this is over the top.  Every hard working citizen trying to make ends meet and pay their own bills has had just about enough.   We have given to other nations via government transfers, charitable programs, volunteer efforts, church missions and humanitarian aid.

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We have asked nicely that you respect our borders and our laws.  What part of rule of law, protecting our borders, ethical standards, not stealing from others, not taking advantage of others, protecting our sovereignty, moral values, and common courtesy do illegal aliens not understand?

We stand with Arizonans in putting their foot down and doing what the federal government has failed to do since 911 (and well before!).  The first thing that must happen is to secure our borders.  The second thing that must happen is to remove economic incentives for industries to hire illegal aliens.  The third thing that must happen is to forcibly remove anyone caught violating our immigration laws.  No sanctuary cities, no free medical, no checks in the mail to mailboxes just across the border.

In addition we will not penalize citizens for the failures of the federal government.  It is not citizens who must carry papers but visitors and guests here with our permission.  All others should be sent home at their own expense asap.

Enough is enough.

PS  You can forget about amnesty too –

not on our watch and certainly not to lawbreakers!

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