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SB1070 – Does the Arizona legislation accomplish anything?

SB1070 Does the Arizona legislation REALLY accomplish anything and if so, at what cost?  Minutes of Your time for a Lifetime of Freedom!!!!

This article will detail why SB1070 threatens the liberty of all citizens.  SB1070 is th… Continue reading

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Rand Paul & the Teaparty accomplish another great victory!

The Teaparty movement is alive and well and gaining momentum every day! We’ve replace Cong. Mollohan in West Virginia and Sen. Bennett in Utah; and just today Rand Paul beat the D.C. insider in the primary for Kentucky Senator! We at the campaign extend our congratulations to Rand Paul and his campaign, and to the Teaparty movement as well for this great victory. With just 70 days left in our primary, we look forward to our victory as well and to replacing yet another D.C. insider and bailout voter. The Teaparty continues forward and the momentum grows!!!

http://www.youtube.com/v/QiZQ9ieNnMU&hl=en_US&fs=1& Continue reading

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The Government as Identity Thieves

The spotlight remains on the Greek sovereign debt crisis as the riots continue. The terms of the Greek bailout from the IMF and Eurozone countries remain contentious with citizens on all sides. Europeans hate having their governments throw public money… Continue reading

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Afghan Poppy Farmers Attacked by NATO?

If indeed Western intelligence agencies are responsible for the sudden Afghan poppy plague, let us be clear: It will go down in the annals of counter-intelligence as one of the stupidest blunders ever made by the West's blinkered spooks. It would b… Continue reading

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Greek Banking Crack-Up Exposed

Above and beyond the contradiction between its strategies and goals, the elite is struggling with two other factors in Europe. First, the downturn is far worse than expected and is causing considerable tension between elite players themselves (Sark… Continue reading

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Veto Override Fails in House 5/11/10 – Politics ‘As Usual.’ Who Walked the Vote? 2nd Chance to Override Veto of HB 2569

Action Alert courtesy of OK-Safe, Inc. Kudos to researcher Kaye Beach, at AxXiom for Liberty, who found the letter a big-government special interest group sent to Governor Brad Henry on April 26, 2010 asking him to veto HB 2569.  Richard Chace, CEO of SIA (Security Industry Association, headquartered in Alexandria, VA), believes that what the people […] Continue reading

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RFID-Ariz. college to position sensors to check class attendance

Students at Northern Arizona University will have a hard time skipping large classes next fall because of a new attendance monitoring system. The new system will use sensors to detect students’ university identification cards when they enter classrooms, according to NAU spokesperson Tom Bauer. The data will be recorded and available for professors to examine. […] Continue reading

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Thats the Way, Ahuh ahuh We like it Ahuh ahuh…And a M.A.P.S Update!

Gov Christie tells it like it is..

…..The M.A.P.S Volunteer Campaign Workshop May 13 got off to a great start! Precinct delegates, candidates and a tea party organizer were in attendance and enthusiasm was high.
Request to conduct more Workshops and from candidates for our Questionnaire continue to come in. We are working on an evaluating […] Continue reading

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Rand Paul Poised for Victory!

From Public Policy Polling:
Fueled by a high level of unhappiness with the direction of the Republican Party, Rand Paul appears to be poised for an easy victory over Trey Grayson in Tuesday’s Kentucky Senate primary. He leads PPP’s fin… Continue reading

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HB 2811 “Biometric Driver License, Religious Exemption Act” Calls Needed!

This alert is for Monday May 17th. HB 2811,  the “Biometric Driver License, Religious Exemption Act” which would give Oklahomans the ability to opt out of the biometric ID system, can be voted on by the State Legislature but Tad Jones is the person who is in control of that decision. Calls are needed immediately […] Continue reading

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