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Stop Dodd's Devastating Financial "Reform" Bill


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Still MORE Us versus Them protests, the Left Agenda on full display

Yesterday I posted a video which was put out by secularstupidest.com (whose web site and blog are being re-vamped at the moment and the url now points to their EBay site). The video showed some of the differences between “their” protests (which are covered by the media, and heavily edited to appear peaceful) and “our” […] Continue reading

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Polish Plane Crash Stirs Internet

This is a powerful video. Is it a hoax? If it is proves to be true – and not fake or mistranslated – it will go down in the annals of history (unless it goes down the memory hole) as one of the most significant and memorable video documentaries ever created. Yes, if true, it would be worthy of an Oscar and other mainstream media awards, though it likely will not receive a single one.

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Mainstream Media Critical of the Fed?

Over the weekend, we analyzed a Washington Post article describing the economic crisis in simple but powerful terms. The article maintained that the problem was caused by risky lending and the solution was regulation to impel "banks" to reduce practices that could lead to risky lending. We pointed out in our analysis that regulatory efforts will likely fail – as they always have in these situations (and in fact all such situations) – and that it would be much better to let the free market work.

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Good News! HB 2569 to go to an override vote Wednesday May 5th

Good News! HB 2569 to go to an override vote Wednesday May 5th House Republicans have decided to put the Governor’s veto on HB 2569 to an override vote! The bill will be voted on this Wednesday May 5th. Your phone calls and emails expressing your support of this bill have helped demonstrate that many […] Continue reading

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Fallin Misleads Voters About Plan for Puerto Rico's Future

Fallin co-sponsors bill that fast tracks Obama / Pelosi plan for Puerto Rican statehood.
Contact: Rick Carpenter (918) 638-6722 
Congresswoman Mary Fallin’s campaign had this to say last week when defending her support of a bill great… Continue reading

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10th Grader Asks: Is Monsanto Evil?

High school student Amelia chose Monsanto as the subject of her year-long 10th grade project. Her goal was to research the company and ultimately answer the question, “Is Monsanto Evil?”

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M.A.P.S Has Arrived! And Coming to a City Near You!

Introducing M.A.P.S…
Dear Fellow Patriot and Constitutional Conservative:
M.A.P.S has arrived…and we will come to your town! To schedule a M.A.P.S Workshop in your area, e-mail us at grassrootsinmi@gmail.com….
….As you know, we need to ensure that Constitutional Conservatives get elected this November so that we can end the Bailout, TARP, Porkulus, Obamacare madness both in Washington and […] Continue reading

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Don’t want RFID chips in your driver’s license? HB 2569

5/3/10 Don’t want RFID chips in your driver’s license? -Senator Adleson says “Relax” Sen. Tom Adelson ridicules those who object to human beings think to being tagging and tracked like livestock or inventory. “I just like to think that when we get bill requests from people who line their hats with tinfoil that we look […] Continue reading

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