Help Give Senator Bill Avery Early Retirement

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Nebraska’s primary election is May 11.

If we wish government policy and debate to be based on Constitutional principles, we need to focus some of our time and resources on affecting who is getting elected.

Noting that time and resources are at a premium for all of us (as an all-volunteer group) we recognize we must focus on one or two goals for election season.

The experiences we had during the legislative session just concluded provided a lot of information about goals for next session which we intend to incorporate into our developing plan for the NE Liberty Watchmen ADVOCACY effort.

Meanwhile, one important fact became very clear throughout the process in working towards the passage of the Sovereignty Resolution:

Nebraskans who understand the wisdom of the Constitution, who especially wish to see the Federal government confined to exercising the enumerated powers contained in Article 1, Section 8, and who wish to see Nebraska Sovereignty actively enforced, should all wish to see Senator Bill Avery “retired” from the Nebraska Unicameral.

Will YOU help see to that Bill Avery IS retired come November?

Should Senator Avery remain in office, our tasks when the Unicameral opens next session in advocating for legislation that limits federal government’s encroachment on Nebraska is guaranteed to be made even more difficult.


You can agree to help walk Legislative District 28 on behalf of Senator Avery’s opponent, Nancy Russell, before the May 11 Primary Election.

We believe Nancy Russell will be a much preferred representative for District 28 with her stated intentions of focusing on responsible government spending, business tax relief, and family and pro-life issues.

Linda and I spent two hours walking a section of the district this past Saturday and Linda walked once prior. (We didn’t walk on Sunday because of weather.) We will continue walking until the primary but aren’t likely to cover the majority of the district by May 11.

If we could get a team of 10 – 12 people to walk for an hour or two on the next two weekends, we could very well accomplish the goal of walking most or all of District 28.

IF you would like to help, but don’t feel comfortable going door to door, we could still use your help! There are other roles that people can fill that help the walkers such as being a runner or a driver. A runner would support / help the walkers by getting extra supplies, etc. A driver would shuttle walkers from one block to another. With the few of us doing the job last weekend, getting back and forth to the cars took time away from walking.

If you would like to help with this effort, we will be gathering in the Grandmother’s parking lot at 70th & A Sts. at 2:00pm Saturday (May 1st) and Sunday (May 2nd) (weather permitting). It would be very helpful if you dropped us a message using the email form located HERE to let us know you wish to help.

We’ll determine our activities for May 8th and 9th based on what is accomplished this coming weekend.

You may have the following questions…

Why walk the district? Personal contact and widespread coverage on foot have been proven the most effective means to succeed in elections.

Why put forward the effort in an “uncontested” primary? It’s true that Nancy Russell as no Republican challenger in the primary – she will automatically be listed as the candidate on the November general election ballot against Bill Avery. This is a challenging race with a long history of electing candidates from the Democratic party. In order for Mrs. Russell to have a chance of success, it is important to increase her visibility with voters and have a good showing in the May 11 results.


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