Not Just Sunshine Patriots

There will be additional follow-up coming regarding our Tax Day Tea Party, but here’s a start…

On December 22, we had what has been dubbed the “Ice Tea Party” in <10 degree weather in freezing rain, after Senator Ben Nelson “iced” the Cornhusker Kickback with Reid and Schumer, paving the way to the passage of the health care law. We thought that was our biggest challenge in terms of forces of nature.

"Cut Taxes Create Jobs" 4/15/10 Tea Party Sign

4/15/10 Tea Party Sign

Thursday, April 15’s forecast didn’t look promising; there was a 60% chance of scattered showers.

Within minutes of starting our program, the drops began to fall from the sky. Then it started to pour. Only a handful of the hundreds left.

We decided to trudge on, but the periodic blasting downpours were saturating everyone and everything, and understandably, with the peroidic kick up of the wind, some folks decided they’d had enough.

Shot of the crowd at the Capitol, April 15, Tax Day Tea Party

Between downpours

A considerable number appeared determined to stick it out as long as we were. Hearty cheers came from the crowd when I added to the conclusion of of a feisty speech about how we’re not Republicans or Democrats, we’re Americans, that we’re not just “Americans”, but “brave, hardy Americans”.

Mr. Obama, I'm Only 15 & You've Already Spent All the $$ I will Ever Earn!!

Tea Party Sign 4/15/10

After about 45 minutes, we had determined that not only were our guests taxed enough already, they were more than wet enough already, right along with the sound system, the tablecloths, the speech notes, and all the handouts.

I made a few announcements, gave thanks for the hearty folks who’d stuck it out, and wished everyone a good evening. (And should have added a dry, warm one.)

Among the announcements, I noted that we may still have some dry handouts available, but that turned out not to be the case.

There were two handouts we’d intended to distribute, which I have now made available for download.

GiN Handout Tax Day Tea Party1) Grassroots in Nebraska informational flyer with resources listed and suggestions for taking action. You can download and print by clicking HERE.

2) Educational / informational flyer on sovereignty and nullification. Entitled “What Can We Do About the Health Care Bill?” explains sovereignty and the Constitutional options available for fighting against it the health care law. In addition to providing information for us all, you may find it helpful if you are trying to educate others. You can download and print from HERE.Click to download

The next upcoming event is scheduled for May 11 at 6:00pm. May 11 is Nebraska’s primary election date. We are planning an open house that will include a pizza potluck, viewing of a film, and watching the election returns come in. We’ve had our hands full working on the Sovereignty Resolution and the tea party, so we’ll take a few days break and then finalize our plans for that evening. If you are not on our email list, click HERE so you will be sure to receive information about the May 11 and other upcoming events.

Ben Nice Known' Ya

Ben Nice Known' Ya 4/15/10

In the next few days, we will continue posting follow-up information about the tea party, including the text from some of the speeches, and when available, video of some of the elements we were not able to do because we cut the evening short.

Our two best photographers were not in attendance at this event.  If you have any photos of the event you’d like to share, leave a comment, below, and we’ll work out how to upload them. If any brave souls kept taking shots after the rain really started to pour, we’d be particularly interested in posting a few of those.


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